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We believe that you can and should dress how you want to live – supremely relaxed, comfortable and fashion forward.

Their designs combine a love for art, craft and nature of Indian and Portuguese heritage to create timeless and versatile fashion and are sure to become go-to’s in your wardrobe.


Introducing handmade hoops by artisans in Jaipur, India. Each piece is unique and made in limited quantities. 

Each pair of earrings are a 925 sterling silver base, with a thick plating of 18kt micron gold. Fully fabricated from precious metals to ensure long lasting wear and are allergen free.


Whether it’s a stand-out hand woven basket design or a statement beaded bag, our stylish selection of handbags helps you look good while keeping your essentials at check. Pick a carry it all tote to complement the formal day at work or a bucket bag to elevate your outfit or a shoulder bag to carry it all.



How you choose to "dress up" conveys a lot about you. Whether it's the way you choose to drape a sari, the panache with which you carry a quirky handbag or the grace you display while flaunting a classic jewelry - every small detail is an extension of your creativity and aesthetic sensibility. While most brands mindlessly follow the latest fashion trends, there are a few that encourage you to constantly reinvent your style and explore what works best for you.

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